Thursday, 11 June 2015


On Mother's Day this year I had a lovely surprise when a parcel arrived from my daughter who now lives in New Zealand.   It was a white china Angel, with wings outstretched.    When I rang my daughter to thank her she said that when she saw  this Angel it reminded her of a time when she was a small child when she was feeling distressed and I took her for a walk and told her all about Guardian Angels.   That we all have one and they are always there to look after us.   She told me that it gave her great comfort all the rest of her life.
The surprising thing there was that I did not know that I knew anything about Angels at that time in my life.  I had never  attended a Church, my parents were not at all religious.   I was not in the least religious and was very much against all the rules and regulations in most Churches.   It was not until I was in my late 40's and my friend took me to a Spiritualist Church and I saw the words of what the Spiritualist Church stood for.   Especially the line 'Personal Responsibility' that I became interested in religious matters.

I now realize that our Guides and Angels are always with us even if we don't know it.   My Guides must have stepped in and used me to give my daughter the support and comfort she needed at the time.
I have heard so many mediums over the years give out messages of support and love to those at the Church so it has been proved to me over and over again that when we leave here we go to a lovely place and decide if we will come back again and try to be better  each lifetime.  Your lovely grandmothers and relatives in spirit can see you and they care for you as they did in life.  They can see what you are doing and a little into the future.
But we ALSO have our Guardian Angels and Spirit Helpers who are the ones who KNOW what our path is and it is those Spirit Helpers who direct us into the situations in life where we are able to grow and learn.  Each person has at least ONE Guardian Angel throughout their life and other Spirit Guides come along when we need specific help and direction.

I lived with my mother for several years and at that time I attended a group called Spiritual Venturers.  We had a meditation each  week that I found to be most helpful in my life.
One week a couple of Angels took me to the edge of a cliff and pushed me off.    As I was falling they spread out their wings and brought me back and said "You are going to be allright".  I had no idea what that meant but the next week they did it to me again and this time I almost fell on the jugged rocks below.  Once again they put out their wings and pulled me back and said  "You are going to be allright"     The next week when they appeared I was terrified and asked if they were going to push me again.  But they said "No, this week you are learning to fly"  I found that I had grown little rainbow coloured wings and they took me by the hand and we  flew over mountains and rivers.   The following week when they appeared I asked if we were going flying and they answered, No.  you have your own wings now."    I found that I had grown large white wings.   The following week Sai Baba appeared, took me to the edge of the cliff and said "You are on your own now"
That week my mother died, and I was very much on my own.  The house had to be sold and divided up amongst the family.   So, I had no home but I had been assured that I would be OK.   And I was.  Very soon after that my son Mark came to live with me and we found a beautiful home in Bexley where we established my School of Life Path Studies.

I have had dozens of similar situations in my life.   All of them beautifully timed and suitable at the time.  My book Signposts tells of many of these experiences.

In all of these experiences I can see the work of my Guides who are always there to help me to go in the direction I chose before I re entered this world.

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