Monday, 23 November 2015


The greatest  Gift we can receive it the knowledge that we are Spiritual Souls attending the School of Life in order to learn the lessons we have chosen for this lifetime.
We have created a vehicle (called a body) that we travel in.   When life's journey is complete the vehicle wears out and allows us to return 'home'.
Sometimes the vehicle is broken or attacked by illness and this lifetime's journey is completed.
However, once we understand that we have many journeys to this planet (and sometime others) in order to learn the thing we want to know, or learn how to do the things we want to do, then being able to leave is much easier for us than to those who think that death is the end of the journey.
Many times I hear people say that they won't come back again, but when we get to the other side and realize how far we still have to go to perfect our Soul we think differently about it.

Many people also do not understand the role that our Guardian Angel (or Angels) play in our lives.               We are all assigned a Guardian Angel to help us though life.   This Angel has our life plan and knows what to do to arrange for us to meed certain people and to be in certain situations so that we can carry our the work and learning we decided on before we left our Heavenly Home.
During our lifetime we walk on many paths and often have different jobs to do.   When we need special guidance or special knowledge to help us to fulfill our tasks special Angels or Guides are assigned to us to help us to achieve our goal.
Once we really understand and believe that these Angels and Guides are working with us we know we can achieve many tasks that we would have thought impossible before.                                                               Often we learn because of difficulties we have to work with.   Think back to troublesome situations in your life and look at all the things you have learned and often people you have met  because of that situation.

Years ago people were learning about their Sub Conscious.   We learned that our Sub Conscious does not think for itself, it only does what the conscious mind tell it.   So we began to realize that what you say is taken literally by the Sub Conscious mind and it tries hard to please you by making it happen.                                 I have learned not to say 'give me a break' because friends of mine who often used that phrase often ended up with broken legs.   Affirmations became popular because of this understanding and many people thought that all they had to do was say affirmations over and over and what they wanted to happen, would happen.  Depending on the sincerity of the affirmation sometimes what they wanted did happen.

In recent years people have been talking abut the Universal Energy (which is like the Universal Sub Conscious)    People have been finding that if there was something that they were needing they only had to   ' 'put it out there' and leave it to the Universe (instead of fretting and fuming) many times their need was fulfilled (not usually in the way they expected)
I can vouch for this as I have had my needs filled over and over again just by letting the Universe know what I needed and it has been delivered to me.   Usually in a way that I had never thought of.

We are not talking about winning the Lottery or gaining huge amounts of money.   The things that are most important to our happy life are often simple things.   And they are usually delivered in an unusual manner.

Before we came back we worked out our 'Plan' for this lifetime and our 'soul' partners agreed to work along with us in order for us to learn the particular things we wanted to learn to help our Soul grow to its full potential.   Once we understand this,(even though things are often difficult for us,) we can know we are working on our life's plan.   So we can do our best and relax our stress because we know that once our job is finished we can return 'Home" for a rest before setting out again.

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