Tuesday, 17 March 2015

What is LOVE?

LOVE...the most mis-used word in the English language!
Why is it that something that should be so beautiful and comforting is often the source of so much pain and distress?  In movies or books the heroine is often crying over 'love' or the hero is smoking and drinking and breaking down because of his problems with 'love'.   The happy, joyous beginning of any movie or book is usually about one quarter of the time.  The rest is spent in stress until the last few minutes when they are happy once again!     Unfortunately movies and books have created the idea that if someone 'loves' you they must only see and adore you.    How many movies do you see where the heroine or hero is broken hearted because 'their' loved one has spent some time with, or even 'looked' at another person?
 So many people use this word like a sword or hammer.  "If you love me you will do this" or " but I love you so you should do things my way"
If you really love someone you accept them for who they are and do not try to change them.  This will allow them to love you as you are and you can work through the changes that life brings together. .
When I was studying Colour Therapy my teacher, who was a Russian Colour Psychologist told us that in France they have several different words for the different ways you can use the word love.   In the English language we have only one so the word is used for many different situations.   The way we might use it is for  'love of God' or 'sexual love' or 'love of a parent for their children'.  'Love of nature' can cause a person to become a vegetarian.  Love of work or power can cause a person to lose the softness and caring of love and become hard or ruthless (the word ruth means love).
Our Colour Therapy teacher also said that each different way of expressing love has its own colour!   Sexual love is seen as Bright Red, and when it wants to overpower the other person it is seen as Dark Red.   Love of God is seen as Violet or Gold.    Love of sports, yellow.   Love of chocolate, Purple, love of sleeping in Strong Pink, love of child or family Light Pink.    If you allow yourself to be 'used' or 'pushed around' by one who says they love you the colour would be 'kick me Pink'  This is the palest of Pinks and is seen on very vulnerable people who accept punishment or very young babies who need protection as they are so vulnerable.
Every Astrological Sign has their own way of loving.   Aries need to take charge and protect those they love. Taurus, being a very physical/sensual sign (ruled by Venus) needs comfort and closeness and loyalty from those they love.   Gemini is a light/communicating sign.  They need someone who they can talk to and have fun.   Cancer (the sign of nurturing) loves by mothering their partner.  Leo, (royalty) needs to show love in a very dramatic way and expects admiration from those they love.   Virgo (the sign of work and service) will want to make sure his/her partner or family are looked after, kept safe (and clean).  Libra (this is the MOST romantic sign.  Libra's need a partner to balance their life (sign of the scales) they are also ruled by Venus and have a great need to have a 'nice' life and have everyone they love have a 'nice' life too.  Scorpio is considered the most sexual of the signs.  This is because of their need for intimacy and closeness with those they love.  Capricorn loves to do the best they can in any situation.  For those they love they will try to provide for them a beautiful home or a beautiful bunch of flowers if that is all they can afford.    Aquarians love 'the world'.  The person they love might not understand how much they do love them as they usually spend most of their time with friends or humanitarian issues (they do show their love for friends and humanitarian issues)   Pisces. (the softest sign/ the talking sign of the water signs)  Pisces (the sign of the two fishes tied together and both trying to swim in different directions)  Pisces has a great imagination and great emotional needs.   Pisces people spend so much time trying to sort out their lover/partner's problems that they often do not look at their own needs.

I find that belonging to the Spiritualist Church provides me with all the love I can take.  It does not matter what Astrological sign a member is, you can be sure to get a hug and a feeling of being loved.
Realising that we are all spiritual souls here to learn our current lessons is a very comfortable way to live.  We do not have to 'push' others (family or friends) as we know that they too are on their journeys and have their own needs and loves.
Because of this we can Love God, love the Universal Intelligence ,Love Family, Love friends and possibly Love a lover!!        

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