Tuesday, 12 January 2016


I saw a movie recently (I think it was the Princess Diaries) where the princess to be (who was petrified about having to stand up in front of people and make a speech) said..."I only realized today that the number of times in a day I said ME.   Whilst I am nervous about taking on my new role I now realize what a wonderful position I am in, in order to help many people.
It is important to look at what talents you have to be helpful (or useful, as the Dali Lama says) and when you do that you extend your personality and gain peace of mind instead of always pushing your own ideas.         One of the things you must look out for if you are working on your Spiritual Development is to balance your giving with allowing the person you are helping to give to you whatever they can.    Unless you do this you are taking away their ability to be their own person and be confident with their own ideas.

Many years ago I kept seeing a poster for a Psychology Course on the wall at the train station .    I was a mum with four children then but it seemed to be calling to me.   One night I told my husband I was off to catch the train to Sydney to start the Course.   He (being a man) though I was meeting a boy friend and said "well, I will come with you".   So he was stuck with a 12 week Psychology Course that I enjoyed but he did not really understand.   The Course was all about the fact that WE revolve all our thoughts around our wants and needs.  WE are always the star of the show!  We are the ones that the villians pick on!   Other people do not understand our point of view (which is always the best one).   Why do other people not think the same way a WE do?   If they just listened to ME they would understand things better.  The idea of the Course was to get us to understand that everyone has their own ideas and how to listen to others in order to be useful.

I often tell people that my Astrological training has helped me to be more tolerant and understanding of other people's ways or ideas.   Once you understand that each sign has its own way of thinking and talking you realize  that it is no good trying to tell them that your way is better as they have their own pattern, just as you have yours.
The same principle works with Healing.  You don't do healing on anyone unless they allow you to do so.

Stop and think about it for a moment.   You have your own ideas that have been formed by your Astrological/Numerlogical  personality, the experiences you have had, the life you have had with your family, the life you have with your own partner and children.   The jobs you have had, travelling you have done etc.    This has formed you as you are, and it has also formed any person or persons you are dealing with.   Give them the same acceptance that you would like them to give you.
If you are dealing with a person or persons who's ideas differ from you do not think that they should drop all their ideas and suddenly take up yours.  Allow them to be who they are.   If they do not wish to understand your views they have the same right to do so as you do.

So instead of centering all your thoughts around what YOU want try to be of help to others and try to see
what THEY want.

WORD OF WARNING... Don't think you are being 'Spiritual' by letting people use you or push you around.   As a kind or Spiritual person it is good to be helpful to others but you must also respect your own abilities and ideas while you appreciate the needs of others.

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  1. Hey Shirl, I just read January's blog....hahahaha...I love you & thank the Universe for us crossing paths. Can't wait for next month! <3 :). Cybele