Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Every Tuesday I attend a Meditation Group in the morning where we meditate with soft/gentle music.  I come home SO relaxed that I often need to take a nap.  On Tuesday evening I attend a group called Sing Australia, where we sing all kinds of songs (that have WORDS).   We all sing with energy and enthusiasm  and I come home so energised that I find it hard to go to sleep

Music sounds connect with our Chakra system.   Strong, fast music connects with our Root Chakra, bringing the colour Red into our body and energising us.   The strong beat and sound of marching music can build strength and determination in  us.    Loud/fast music can be great to dance to but can also loosen our morals.  ( My Astrology teacher said that Rock and Roll music affected everything from the waist down)

The need  for relationships (happy or sad) is connected with our Sacral Chakra and  the colour Orange.   Think of all the songs about being rejected or break ups.   They mostly have the same  vibration and musical notes.   As women have become more sure of themselves many of the            'break up' songs have become more self assured and confident of their own power (moving up into the next (yellow) Chakra.   The Chakra of expressing your own will power.

Songs connected with the Yellow (Solar Power) Chakra are usually happy, quick and  bright.  These songs help you to feel enthusiastic and hopeful that everything  will work out well. (Just  follow the Yellow brick road!!)  The Yellow energy is to do with communication and being positive.  Like Shirley Bassey's song "I did it MY way".

Heart Chakra  music is usually about romantic  love and is soft and gentle.   It can express anything from eternal love to a lullaby (rocking a baby)    These gentle tunes are good for our body allowing the Green/soothing energy to enter our Heart Chakra and bring in a  feeling of peace.

Throat Chakra music encourages us to express our own abilities.    It  brings in the soothing colour of Blue into our Aura and  helps us to feel confident in our own abilities.    The Classical Masters, such as Strauss and Mosart created sounds that can help us to express ourselves.   Listening to Mosart has been suggested as a help for inner ear problems.

Meditation music works on the Third Eye Chakra  bringing in a beautiful deep Blue colour called Indigo.   This colour takes us deep inside ourselves and connects with our inner self.   Going within can remove us from our day to day worried and often  give us some direction as to  what we can do to  move on  in our lives.

Beautiful/soft, high notes in music can connect us with the Crown Chakra (a soft  Violet colour)     and Spiritual energy that enters us there.     Here your guides or Angels can connect with you. .  Meditation  with this gentle music can help you to gain knowledge of your life's current direction.

If you are trying to work on gaining a new direction or trying to strengthen a current direction think about the music you are listening to and  see if it is helping or hindering you in your direction.            Playing the music you CHOOSE will be more help to you than just  listening to the radio.

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