Tuesday, 7 June 2016


I was reminded about the importance of the Chakras when my daughter reminded me that I needed to have a Chakra Balance in order to heal the damage done to the Aura after my recent operation for a Cataract on the left eye.
She reminded me that I had always stressed to anyone having an operation that it was important to get the Aura working as it should by sealing the damage done to it by re balancing the Chakras so that the body was in good working condition again.

The Chakra System is a wonderful tool we have that can be looked at and used in many different ways.   Knowledge of the Chakra System was brought to us from the East many years ago and all of our Healers work with the Chakras in many different  ways.

All of our Chakras are affected by our thoughts.   Messages go down the spine from our brain and connect with the Chakras that commence in our spine and flow out through Chakra centres in the body.   It is one of the reasons why women have problems in the Sacral area (below the Navel) as this is the centre connected with taking care of others and trying to fit into the needs of others!

Each of the Chakras deal with different areas and needs of the body.
The Root Chakra (Red) deals with our need to 'fit in' with society, family and friends.
Problems here affect our legs, weight, blood circulation,etc.
The Sacral Chakra (Orange) deals with our need to fit into the needs of others
Problems here affect our reproductive area and bowel area..
The Solar Plexus (Yellow) deals with our need to express our own needs
Problems here creates different Rashes, indigestion etc..
The Throat Chakra (Blue) deals with our need to express our thoughts and abilities.
Problems here creates tightness of shoulder/mouth area and throat problems.
The Third Eye (Indigo) deals with our need to look within and be creative.
Problems here creates tightness of the head and headaches and eye problems.
The Crown Chakra (Violet) deals with our need to receive information from our Guides and helpers.
Problems here result in confused thinking and lack of confidence.

I have discovered also that 13 Chakras can be accessed around the Head.  The usual 7 are there and there is another 6 Chakras starting to work as we move into the Aquarian Age.   They are coloured 'in between ' each of our present Chakras and relate to the second layer of the Aura, that is Orange, the colour connected with relationships.  They are Red Orange, Gold, Lime Green, Turquoise, and Red/Purple. A picture of these I found in a Medical book and when I place my pendulum in front of one of these places around the head the Pendulum will swing and circle, indicating the energy being used by these Chakras.

You can also connect with the Angels who work with these Chakras .
Angel Michael rules over the Root Chakra,
Angel Metatron  rules the Sacral Chakra.
Archangel Uriel and Angel Princes rule over the Solar Plexus
Archangel Raphael and 'The Virtues' rule over the Heart Chakra
Archangel Gabriel rules over the Throat Chakra
The Goddess Isia-Sophia rules over the Third Eye Chakra
THE SOURCE or the Christ Light rules the Crown Chakra.

So when you are sending Healing to one  of these Chakra areas you can  also ask for help from the  Heavenly Guardians who care  for them.


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