Sunday, 1 January 2017


This is a famous Australian saying that reflects our attitude of trying to do something, even if we never heard of it before.
We live in an island.  No connection with other countries around us as they do in Europe or having hundreds of years of traditions to deal with as they do in England.
We were brought here to live in a totally different world with a totally different climate, even differently coloured trees and shrubs.
When the first artists began painting the scenery the landscapes they painted did not look like Australia as they were still using the Blue/Green colours for the trees instead of the Yellow/Green of our trees.

We have always had to develop our own way of doing things, which made us able to do things that people in other countries with old traditions were not able to do.  Consequently many of our inventions, particularly in the medical field have been the first in the world.

This attitude is part of our nature.  It can be a help or hinderance depending on our use of it.   We can 'give it a go' to try something new in our life that will benefit us or 'give it a go' to try something stupid to impress others.

I find that it can be applied to our Spiritual lives, for if we TRULY believe that we are all Spiritual beings who are here in Earth School to learn new things and let go of old habits we can confidently 'give it a go' when Spirit presents us with a new idea or challenge that we have never thought of.
Knowing that it will only be presented to us if we have the ability to do it.   Real faith knows that there is no FAILURE...there is only LEARNING.   If we 'give it a go' when some new idea presents itself to us and it does not work out as we imagined, we do not FAIL, we have learned something and we can try again.    Failure is only connected with how we with people to see us.  If we are true to ourself we do not let the ideas of others change our direction.

I have seen this working in my own life over and over again.   I have been presented with a new idea, usually something I have never heard of (such as Astrology)  I 'gave it a go' and am still working with it 45 years later.   I was asked to teach at an Interior Decorating School after being there a short while (never had any training) but I 'gave it a go and ended up 9 years later as Principal of the School, writing Modern and Period Furniture Courses and Courses for my boss to take to teach in Asia.

I do believe that we have a 'Book of our life' made up before we enter here and it is the job of our Guides to guide/push/shove us to do the things we have come here to do.  They will only push us to try something that matches our own abilities and that can give us great satisfaction in doing something that we love.

Now at the beginning of 2017 we are entering a new Universal Cycle of 9 years.   We have just concluded 2016 which was a Number 9 Universal year ( endings and conclusions) I have been watching people 'finishing up' or 'ending' or 'changing' something in their lives so that they can be ready for this year 2017 which is a Number 1 Universal year (beginnings and new starts)

Let us all think of what we REALLY want from life and 'GIVE IT A GO' !!

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